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Welcome to Arizona J.A.C.L. Credit Union

Welcome to Arizona J.A.C.L. Credit Union's website where you can find share and loan information. 


We have just received notification from the Arizona Credit Union System of an email phishing scam which is targeting credit union members.  This email looks official and does list all credit unions in Arizona including JACL Credit Union.   It requests you "LOGIN" - ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LOGIN and DO NOT click on the login icon.  This is a scam to obtain your personal information and IS NOT connected to the JACL Credit Union or the Arizona Credit Union System.   The Arizona Credit Union System is making every effort to trace and stop the phishing scam but notification to our members is an essential effort to prevent this type of scam.

Notice to all members:  JACL Credit Union DOES NOT do any email advertising of any kind.  You will NEVER be asked to click on any email links or will we request you reveal any confidential information in an email.  If you receive an unsolicited email please notify us IMMEDIATELY so that we can take appropriate steps to stop the communications. 




For information email us at



Contact Information: Phone :(623) 931-1985 Fax (623) 939-4197